Backlinks in your website can help you step up the rungs of the Google Ranking Ladder. Especially now, with Google implementing its Mobile First Indexing platform. Backlinks are an integral part of a responsive website platform and SEO. You may ask, What is a backlink?

A backlink is like a referral program on the internet. The links come from other website domains and point back to your webpage. In some ways, backlinks can be a signal of trust to the search engine user. After all, another site is recommending your web page.

Backlinks are part of your site construction and help both the search engine user and the search engine. For the user, backlinks help them to find other relative information about their search quickly from a trusted place. For the search engine, backlinks signal importance and value. In the search engine world, the more frequently a page is searched, the more valuable the page is. This is how backlinks can have an impact on your Google ranking.

Practical Ways to Build in Rank Boosters

Since backlinks can be powerful little rank boosters. Here are some rank boosting ideas your website can use:

  • Customer Case Studies — Reviews or testimonials regarding products and services. The reviews should focus on how they benefitted and ways other people can benefit too.
  • Expert Connections– Connect with an expert that has original information.
  • Infographics– Provide data on a topic instantly. Make sure to include an infographic that is informative and lively, so that other websites will want to add you to their site too.
  • Influential Content– Choose podcasts, video interviews, or other media that can be used to motivate those watching.
  • Tools or Content that is FREE– You can add ebooks, quizzes, interactive reports or calculators, learning tools to as links on your site. Most of the public loves something for free.

Creating backlinks is in alignment with Google’s new Mobile First Indexing. Backlinks are part of a responsive website design. Which means the Google search engine will go to your place in its index more often. The more often Google searches for you, the higher you will be placed on the ranking ladder.

Not Just Any Backlink is Strong

Not all backlinks are created equal in the mind of the search engine. Some links from educational institutions and government agencies are more valuable in the mind of the search engine. Search engines deem the content from these websites as more trustable. By using trustable sites, the search engine can boost you up the rankings ladder a little more.

It is a good idea to take a look up your backlink to make sure that it is coming from a high-quality domain. You can do that by looking at top-level KPI’s and IP’s when choosing a backlink. Then, choose trustworthy, reliable sources for your backlinks to be strong.

Backlinks and the Future

While backlinks are a great way to give your site a needed boost now, looking into the future, they may fizzle out a bit. The Google search engine, in particular, is changing its main thrust toward page loading speed. While backlinks make search engine users happier to have more information at their disposal in one location. Backlinks have little to do with page loading speed.

It is going to take a while for backlinks to no longer be useful as a rating booster. In the meantime, to climb the Google rating ladder, make sure your site has powerful and authority backlinks (e.g. PBN links, Guest Posts and editorial links, Local SEO, Press Releases etc. from sites within your niche).

If your site does not currently include backlinks, for your web pages to be seen, add backlinks immediately. The longer you wait to add backlinks, the less Google will show the world the information you are trying to share.